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Florida Election Results: Liberals Realize they Don’t Bang Enough

Fuckless Libs

After realizing that Donald Trump easily defeated Joe Biden in a popularity contest, Liberals in Florida took a good hard look at their sex spreadsheets.   “I’m just not reproducing at the speed that I should I have compared to my Republican ‘Compadres’,” said Shimrod Orangotan, a man who admitted to me that he hasn’t…

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Voting through Tik Tok approved for Hillsborough County

TikTok vote

Residents of Hillsborough County will now be legally allowed to vote in the 2020 Presidential election through the controversial Chinese social video app, Tik Tok, as a new executive order allows registered voters the ability to use the app to cast their vote. To vote right, you will swing your arms to the right, to…

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Randy Holton for Governor and or Senator of Florida

Randy Holton is still deciding if he wants to run for Senator or Governor of Florida in the 2020 election. These videos are to inform potential voters about the issues Randy personally feels strongly about. Randy has no formal campaign set up so no donations are being accepted at this time.

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