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Gator sex legalized in Florida

Gator sex

Amendment 9 allowing residents to fornicate with swamp lizards passed and now, with a medical license, anyone in Florida can have sexual relations with alligators (and crocodiles.) The bill was brought to congress in 2013 after the Mendelson-Winschitz family lobbied heavily after their billionaire father, Anthony David Mendelson-Winschitz, had been indicted for beastiality on three…

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Ybor City to Host First Annual “Running of the Gators”

In an attempt to lift citizens’ spirits after quarantine, the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the inaugural “Running of the Gators”. The event is set to take place on 7th Ave, right in the heart of Ybor, during a randomly selected and unannounced Saturday night. The run will begin sharply around 10 P.M.…

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