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Guy overshares because he has no friends


A man in a bar in St. Pete overshared to a group of people he didn’t know because he doesn’t have friends so he doesn’t know what’s socially appropriate. Jenith Barzone, a computer software destructor, was hanging out in Coopers Copperbarrel Cocktail House and Brewery on 1st avenue, when he found himself at the bar…

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Tampa man doesn’t remember adding Facebook Friend


Kevin Sanderson of Tampa has someone among his Friends on Facebook that he doesn’t know and doesn’t remember adding. “A picture of her with a dog popped up on my timeline, and I thought ‘why is Facebook showing me random status updates from strangers?’,” he said. “But I clicked on the profile and it says…

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How to spend Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and somehow, you’ve gotten here without making plans for what to do. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s every way there is for you to spend Christmas if you don’t already have plans.  1. Be with family and friends, all the people who love and cherish you Yeah. Okay. Sure. If…

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Clearwater man dies surrounded by loved ones. And Jerry.


Steve McAndrew of Clearwater passed away recently after a long illness, surrounded by friends and members of his family, and this guy named Jerry. “It’s tragic and I’m devastated but we’re glad he’s finally at peace”, said McAndrew’s widow Sharon. “If I had one wish, aside from it happening at all, of course, it would…

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