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Quiz: What kind of holiday gift are you?

Gift Exchange

There are only a couple of shopping days until The Big Day. No doubt you have people in your life who say YOU are all the gift they would ever want. And no doubt they mean that sincerely, but there are gifts and then there are GIFTS. So exactly what kind of gift are you?…

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Quiz: How cancel-able are you?


If it seems like every single one of us is just one dumb remark from getting “cancelled”, there’s a very simple and logical explanation for that: WE ARE!! NONE OF US ARE SAFE!!! You can’t say anything anymore! GOD!! Not only that, you can’t even have said things 20 years ago when you could say…

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Quiz: Do you know who these guys are?


There are a lot of guys walking around out here these days. Many of them do jobs that have certain similarities but are actually very different, even though the guys that do them all kind of look alike. It’s very confusing. This quiz asks the question, “WHO ARE THESE GUYS?” Let’s see how good you…

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