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Lakeland man unsure about visiting website

Hot Totz

Clinton Dilson of Lakeland has found a website that intrigues him but he’s afraid to actually click the link. “It’s and I’m not exactly sure what kind of content there is,” he said, his right index finger hovering over the left-click button on his mouse. “Could be food, specifically spicy tater tots, or it…

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USF Study Concludes Internet is Bad and You Should Get Off

USF Study says internet is bad

University of South Florida Media Research Labs – Hillsborough County – Monday, 7.22.19 Why did you click this link, didn’t you read the headline? Seriously go outside, there is no such thing as the USF Media Research Labs. To prove it, here is a Google Earth picture of USF: Many students complain about the commute…

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Spectrum “Fiber” Network Discovered To Be a Potato In a Kid’s Room

Spectrum Internet Network Discovered to be Potato in child's room

Spectrum Headquarters – Hillsborough County – Sunday 5.5.2019 After numerous complaints, federal investigators discovered that Spectrum’s self-described ‘Fiber-Rich’ internet network has actually been a series of wires connected to a potato in the room of a Carrollwood 6th grader. “I’m pretty sure I could create a more reliable internet service with a free Saturday, $7,…

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