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Mayor Castor attends therapy session with Tampa City Council


Following a recent series of unpleasant confrontations between Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and members of the Tampa City Council, all parties involved have agreed to seek therapy in order to understand, and hopefully resolve, their differences. “It’s what the city needs and deserves, a leadership with a united front that communicates effectively and resolves internal…

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Tampa Police Department announces plan to choose new chief

Tampa's Got Cops

Following Monday’s announcement that Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan is retiring effective September 10th, the department is moving forward with plans to appoint someone new to that position. “It’s a serious job, with a lot of very important responsibilities, especially these days”, said Tampa Mayor Jane Castor. “But there’s no reason why we can’t have…

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Man matches with Jane Castor on Tinder

Jane on Tinder

Jack Kringsley, a 42-year-old Hillsborough resident, claims that he matched with Tampa Mayor, Jane Castor on Tinder and has photo evidence to prove it. “She super liked me!” Kringsley said. “I had boosted my profile on a Tuesday morning, and within 15 minutes, former police chief/current Tampa Mayor, Jane Castor had matched with me! We…

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Tampa Officially Renames Cuban Sandwich ‘The Tom Brady Meat Sandwich’

The Tom Brady Meat Sandwich, the replacement for a Cuban sandwich

Following a decisive victory at Sunday’s Super Bowl, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor announced that the famous Tampa Cuban Sandwich will officially be named ‘The Tom Brady Meat Sandwich’. “We want to commemorate this momentous occasion by making some changes to the Cuban Sandwich,” said Mayor Castor during a press conference at Café Hey, a small…

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Special Gasparilla event scheduled

Inspired by New Orleans residents who have taken to decorating their homes like parade floats since traditional annual Mardi Gras festivities aren’t taking place, the City of Tampa is creating a special event to fill the void created by the postponement of Gasparilla. “Let’s face it; Gasparilla holds a special place in so many people’s…

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Tampa boy conquers bed-wetting problem, gets boat parade

Boat parade

8-year-old Kyle Veeters of Tampa has finally overcome a severe nocturnal enuresis issue he’s been dealing with his whole life – until very recently. “We’re so proud of Kyle”, said his mother Beverly Veeters. “He was a big boy and went three nights in a row with no pee-pee accidents!” Kyle’s father Tim expressed relief…

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Tampa Police Department launches ‘Open Cop’ night

Open Cop Night presser

Mayor Jane Castor appeared at a press conference held at Tampa Police Headquarters with Chief Brian Dugan early this morning to announce a new community initiative. “Everybody wants to criticize our law enforcement officers these days”, she said, “You think it’s so easy? Okay, then you get out there and try it.” With that she…

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