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Juneteenth tribute attempt misses mark

A group of women identifying themselves as “The Girls From Work” tried to pay tribute to Juneteenth with a karaoke performance at Glubber’s Pub in Clearwater Friday night. By all accounts, the effort fell short. “We go out for karaoke every Friday night after work, as a way of unwinding after a hard week,” says…

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Clearwater to fine bars that take karaoke too seriously

Bars will now be cited by the police in Clearwater if they take karaoke too seriously

The city of Clearwater has announced that in an effort to establish minimum quality standards in entertainment, they will begin assessing fines to bars whose patrons take karaoke too seriously.  Clearwater Nightlife Commissioner Cliff Adirondack says, “Karaoke is a fun activity and we encourage people to participate and enjoy themselves. But some of these people…

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