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Top Five Economy Lodging Options In Tampa

Motel Fun

Between Governor Ron DeSantis and his DeSciples declaring Disneyworld off limits and people coming here to live and not just visit, tourists are becoming an endangered species in the state of Florida. Add to that an economy ravaged by inflation, and it’s easy to see that the state’s leading industry is in serious trouble. With…

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Seffner couple wins free tickets to space


Joe-Jack and Glucinda Porkrind of Seffner have won free tickets to travel to space via Virgin Galactic. “We prefer Plant City Heights, if you don’t mind”, said Joe-Jack. “Seffner ain’t too classy.” “We gone be asternots!”, said Glucinda. “We want to thank Mr. Bransing for this opportunity.” “Yeah, we’re big ass fans of his town…

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Morgan & Morgan expands marketing focus

Morgan & Virgin

Tampa Bay’s most prominent bus bench lawyer John Morgan has announced that his firm, Morgan & Morgan, has signed an exclusive sponsorship deal with Virgin Galactic, which will feature a banner ad prominently displayed on Unity 22, the fledgling space exploration/leisure service’s ship. “We are at the vanguard of a new industry determined to pioneer…

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St Pete Woman Reads Shampoo Labels on the Toilet

Reading a shampoo bottle

Rebecca Velvet, a 27 year old resident of Old Northeast, explains that she’s recently ditched her cell phone in favor of old school toilet entertainment. “Get this,” she says. “Take a caca. Grab a shampoo bottle. Read the label. BOOM – the 90’s!” Velvet says this new bathroom routine has heaps of unexpected benefits. One…

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