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2023 Things To Look Forward to This New Year

2023 Things to do in the year 2023

With the new year in full swing, here is a look at 2023 things to look forward to in the year 2023 I’m gonna be honest when I first pitched this idea to my editor he was all about it, but it took me a long time to write those first 100 ones.  I tried…

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Tampa man regrets ending year on sour note with boss


A full day after an unfortunate incident at his job, Ronald Robertson, a clerk at ClerkCo’s home office in downtown Tampa, was still feeling remorse to the point of being in a state of mild shock. “I just can’t believe it,” he said. “I had my shot and I blew it. There’s no excuse and…

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20 Tips to get your New Year Started Right

Stop living a lie, be yourself this 2020

20. Stop living a lie Be the real you this year, stop lying to others and surround yourself with only those who can handle your baggage. 19. Quit Wasting Your Energy on Imaginary Arguments in Your Head Why are you spending so much time and energy arguing with someone who isn’t there? 18. Eat more…

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