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Clearwater man pulling all kinds of hot chicks via game on his phone

Word Nerd

Jay Bagre of Clearwater is attracting a lot of attention from beautiful women because he plays the popular game “Words With Friends” on his phone. “It’s unbelievable! All these beautiful women reaching out to me through this game because of my vocabulary skills”, he said. “That extra year of English for Academic Purposes I took…

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New 656 area code for Hillsborough County goes into effect today


As more and more people continue moving to Florida, resources are being spread thinner and thinner. One of those resources: telephone numbers. There are too many people to accommodate with the standard 813 area code. In response to the-ever growing population, the Florida Public Service Commission is launching a new area code, 656, for Tampa…

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Tampa man keeps dropping phone on his face

Phone face

Derek Kingsford of Tampa has developed the annoying nightly habit of lying in bed and dropping his phone on his face. “Yeah, it happens when I’m looking at stuff late at night”, he said. “I get drowsy and it falls out of my hand and lands on my face all the time. It’s really annoying”…

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