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Tampa man doesn’t trust pizza

Suspicious pizza

Craig Guiles of Tampa is among a very small minority of people who don’t like pizza. “It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s delicious”, he said. “But I don’t trust it and that makes me not like it. Of course it’s delicious; that’s how they get you.” “Sure, it tastes good. The easiest way…

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Pizza box model cancels himself

Mark Arcidiaco of Tarpon Springs is the premiere pizza box model in the world, but recently he’s decided to abandon his career out of concern that he has been causing harm to Italian-Americans. “I’ve appeared on pizza boxes all over North America. From Edmonton, Alberta, to Key West, Florida, from Wallagrass, Maine to San Diego,…

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Congress authorizes Pizza Party stimulus package for essential workers

Pizza Mitch

After a daunting 9 month wait and just in time for Christmas, Congress has passed another landmark stimulus package aimed at lessening Covid-19’s blow to the middle class. The “Pizza Party Entitlement act” (or PPE act for short) provides vouchers for 2 free slices to be given to frontline/essential workers, available to be used at…

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