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Rogue cop plays by his own rules


Andrea Warren of Tampa was recently pulled over and cited for an illegal u-turn by a police officer while sitting at a red light on north Dale Mabry at Waters Avenue. The officer, who identified himself as Captain Donny SeRantis with a law enforcement agency he refused to identify, said, “When you flagrantly violate traffic…

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Tampa PD adopts new traffic checkpoint procedures

Over the weekend, Tampa Police Department tested out a new system for traffic checkpoints. Instead of looking for drunk drivers to arrest and keep roads safe, officers handed out hard seltzers. No need to be alarmed, though. When drivers were suspected of being drunk, they were given a breathalyzer to check their BACs. Officers had…

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St. Pete men change minds on controversial issue after argument

Dan Widworth of St. Petersburg has changed his opinion on an extremely divisive social issue following an intense argument with Rob Birdley, a man he met at a local restaurant Friday afternoon. “I was minding my business, eating a cheeseburger at El Cap when I heard this guy running his big, dumb mouth,” says Widworth.…

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Robbery suspect in custody after shout-out with police

An attempted armed robbery at the Shop N’ Suk convenience store in St. Petersburg became very loud and annoying when police engaged the suspect, Russell Zilsky of Pass-A-Grille Beach, in a prolonged shout-out that saw passers-by and onlookers seeking cover from stray epithets. SPPD spokesperson Abigail Flute says, “Like other law enforcement agencies, we have…

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Tampa Police Under Fire for Barbecuing Homeless People

Tampa Police Department caught BBQing homeless people

Tampa Neighborhood Park – Hillsborough County – Saturday, 5.25.2019 A neighborhood police BBQ turned up the heat to 11 today after one of the officers manning the grill was accused of giving most of the food to homeless people. “We told them last night to clear out the park so we could set up for…

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