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St. Pete man becomes Ally to meet chicks

Danny Wolffer, a heterosexual, cisgender man from St. Petersburg has found himself deeply moved by Pride Month this year and as a result, is declaring that he is an Ally, a person who supports equal rights, gender equality, and LGBTQ social movements. “Look, women love gay guys, right? Everybody knows that,” he said. “Well, look…

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Homophobes threaten to not use local bridges lit up for Pride

Sunshine Skyway

Following a decision from the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to override recent Florida Department of Transportation policies to not light local bridges in honor of Gay Pride month, local homophobes are threatening to boycott the Sunshine Skyway and other spans. “First of all, I’m not a homophobe”, said Denny Knockwurst of St. Petersburg.…

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Ron DeSantis Tells Faggots to Suck It Up

DeSantis PRIDE

Continuing his promise to make life impossible for gays in Florida, Ron DeSantis today announced that along with defunding the mental health care for Pulse nightclub shooting survivors, he will personally call each and every one of them to tell them to suck it up. “I get it, you faggots had a bad night a…

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Homophobe misses Pride festivities

Pride hater

“Since I can remember, I’ve had a deep hatred for gay people and been committed to erasing them and their deviant ways”, he says. “Now that they’re actually gone, I’m kind of sad about it.”

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