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Rick Scott to open boys preparatory academy in St. Pete

School of Rick

Senator Rick Scott announced his plan to open the first of what he hopes will be a statewide chain of prep schools for boys in St. Petersburg. “It’ll be called the School of Rick and the mission will be to teach boys to be men,” says the former governor of Florida. “I mean, obviously boys…

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A letter of apology to Rick Scott

rick Scott with young boy

Hi Rick Scott, my name is Chingy and I work for Tampa News Force.  In the past we have covered some of your major accomplishments, such as the time you won the award for Best Dick Pic, and that time you kicked a baby in the nuts, also that time that you were found eating…

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Rick Scott Gives His Two Weeks Notice, Leaving Senate

Rick Scott quits the Senate

Citing the passage of a socialist inspired bill that will provide poor Americans assistance during the current crisis, Florida Senator Rick Scott has put in his two weeks notice and is leaving the U.S. Senate. “I can’t in good conscious support the communist socialist agenda being touted by President Donald Trump,” said Scott, who made…

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Rick Scott ceremoniously starts go kart race

GoKart Rick

About two hours before President Trump began the 2020 Daytona 500 by issuing the customary declaration of “Gentlemen, start your engines!”, Senator Rick Scott launched a go kart race at the Grand Prix Tampa Family Fun Center in a somewhat similar fashion. “Me and the president. Same.” said the former governor of Florida. “We were…

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