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10 household items you can f**k

10 Things

10.Pillow¬† Grab any pillow around the house and either cut a hole in it, or use a corner of it to stimulate yourself with minimal risk. Worst case it has sharp feathers inside which could cause minor cuts and scars, but for the most part, modern pillows contain safe materials that can go up against…

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Top 5 Sex Toys at The Todd – The Couples Superstore

top sex toys for sale at The Todd Couples Super Store

Todd’s Couple’s Superstore – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 5.16.2019 Tampa is a city well known for its strip clubs, steakhouses, and strip club/steakhouse hybrids. Clearly we are a city of taste. No other place better displays the myriad tastes of the Tampa bay area than does Todd Couples Superstores. Tampa News Force had the opportunity…

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