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St. Pete woman shames carolers


Linda Ech of St. Petersburg met a group of her neighbors out caroling with scorn and derision, sending them home feeling terrible about themselves. “People are going to call me a Karen or a Grinch, and that’s fine, if you’re not above petty name calling,” said the professor of music history at St. Pete Junior…

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Mayor Kriseman announces statue initiative in St. Pete

At a press conference in the ballroom of the the St. Petersburg Hyatt, mayor Rick Kriseman announced a bold and comprehensive new plan to address the recent trend of statues of historical figures being toppled, associated with demonstrations of civil unrest taking place across the country. “Legos”, he said. “Thanks for coming.” As he started…

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Local Man Grows Hair Long Enough to Officially Move to St. Pete

Iberian Rooster – St. Petersburg – Sunday, 3.31.2019 A local South Tampa man has officially grown his hair long enough to qualify for St. Petersburg citizen. When asked about his move across the bridge, he couldn’t be any prouder. “I’m so happy!” Says Bryant Chett, a man with hair slightly passed his shoulders. “It gets…

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