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Tampa woman’s constitutional rights infringed

Stormy Skyway

Belinda Kneater of Tampa doesn’t understand why she’s not allowed to hang out at the top of the Sunshine Skyway as Tropical Storm Elsa rolls through the area tonight. “My body, my choice, right?”, she said. “Well, my body chooses to drive up to the top of the Sunshine Skyway, park, and eat hot dogs…

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Homophobes threaten to not use local bridges lit up for Pride

Sunshine Skyway

Following a decision from the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to override recent Florida Department of Transportation policies to not light local bridges in honor of Gay Pride month, local homophobes are threatening to boycott the Sunshine Skyway and other spans. “First of all, I’m not a homophobe”, said Denny Knockwurst of St. Petersburg.…

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Tampa influencer inspires deadly “Sun Drive” challenge

Sunset Skyway Bridge – Petersburg – Sunday, 4.21.2019 Spencer Wellington, AKA “Peter Vega,” on social media, has influenced a deadly local trend going around the Bay Area. The kids are calling it “The Sun Drive Challenge,” which is where you drive a car and try to stare at the sun as long as you can…

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