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Tampa News Force to recognize local institutions with awards!

The Forcies!

This is SUCH a good idea and a pretty sweet racket! Local entities get the prestige of winning an award, we get paid for expensive ads from these entities who feel obligated to thank the community for voting for them and you, the community, get the satisfaction of voting because participating in the democratic process is fun!

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Tampa-area Republicans Celebrate Lack of Information

Racist in Tampa Bay are rejoicing

Citing liberal bias and the expensiveness of having to pay to read things people are taking pay cuts to write, Republicans around the Tampa Bay area rejoiced as they heard the news that their only local paper had to lay off some staff. “I hope the whole damn thing gets shut down and we all…

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Tampa Bay Times: Features John Jacobs and Tampa Bay Comedy

John Jacobs of Tampa News Force was recently featured on Tampa Bay Times for their coverage of the comedy open mic held every Tuesday at the Iberian Rooster in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. “There’s nothing like an audience to humble you,” says John Jacobs, 28, who co-hosts the SubCentral open mic, and who starred on…

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