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Sweet Sixteen Ruined by IPA Release

Craft Beer

As 16-year-old Molly Johnson eagerly anticipated her Sweet Sixteen party, she never could have predicted that it would fall on the day that a nearby Tampa Heights brewery would release the highly anticipated Hopfucker Quintuple IPA. “I can’t believe this fucking shit is happening,” Molly said, tears streaming down her face. “My fucking Sweet Sixteen…

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New law to limit Ybor debauchery backfires

A new law that prohibits the sale of alcohol in Ybor past 10pm has backfired, as people are now binge drinking earlier to become blackout drunk before 10pm. The law which was meant to decrease alcohol related health issues and violence instead has had the opposite effect prompting inebriated Ybor-goers to vomit on the sidewalk…

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Man dies trying to visit every brewery in Tampa

Man tries to drink at every brewery in Tampa, dies before he can finish the marathon

While attempting to drink at all 57 breweries located throughout the Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties, Greg Cleveland died from alcohol poisoning at the 50th stop.  “It was always his dream to drink at every brewery, all within one day.” Cried his best friend who actually completed the full 57 brewery tour. “I didn’t want…

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