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Chik-fil-A to use Tampa Bay Area locations to teach business classes


Chik-fil-A, the national fast food chain specializing in chicken sandwiches has announced plans for the use of some of their locations in the Tampa Bay Area on Sundays, when the restaurants are closed. “We’re closed every Sunday so our staff can observe the biblical edict that Sunday is the Lord’s day but our restaurants themselves…

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Mis en Place introduces new ‘premium’ chicken sandwich

Mis en Chicken

In an attempt to capitalize on the current ongoing competitive trend among fast food restaurants, Tampa’s upscale Mise en Place is introducing a new, upgraded ‘premium’ chicken sandwich to their menu. “While we routinely receive 5-star reviews for our cuisine, nobody ever gets into a fistfight over it”, says manager Philip LeSchwanz. “The closest thing…

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Popeye’s line prepares for hurricane

Popeyes line braces for hurricane

Local Popeyes have begun taking precautions to hurricane-proof their establishments in preparation for hurricane Dorian. Despite severe weather warnings, hundreds of customers are refusing to lose their place in line, forcing Popeye’s to accommodate their guests however they can. The manufacturing of makeshift tents using Popeye’s tinfoil have been underway, however most employees have never…

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