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Mayor Castor attends therapy session with Tampa City Council


Following a recent series of unpleasant confrontations between Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and members of the Tampa City Council, all parties involved have agreed to seek therapy in order to understand, and hopefully resolve, their differences. “It’s what the city needs and deserves, a leadership with a united front that communicates effectively and resolves internal…

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Tampa City Councilman Charlie Miranda seeks bargains for upcoming budget

Councilman Charlie Miranda was observed perusing a coupon flyer from Publix during Wednesday’s annual budget presentation meeting of the Tampa City Council. Cory Weckerle, speaking on behalf of Black Lives Matter, was addressing the council meeting which was held on-line. During his remarks, Weckerle said, “…if you have the political will and we have the…

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Tampa city council votes to erect Bob Evans statue

City Hall – Tampa – Monday, 2.11.2019 In a bizarre twist of events, local city council members have unanimously voted to erect a Bob Evans statue in Lykes Gaslight Park in Downtown Tampa.  “They were all yelling, then at one point they got quiet, then some weird laughing, and then now there’s a bill to…

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