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Stale Cuban bread sent to Ukraine as body armor

Cuban Bread Armor

Cuban bread which has gone bad will now be sent to Ukraine and used as body armor as part of a new program which gives back to the war-torn country. “The birds eat before.” Said Pablito Samosa in broken English. “The birds used to eat it before you started sending it?” I tried to clarify.…

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Walmart caught selling Dominican bread as Cuban bread

Dominican Bread being sold as Cuban Bread at Walmart

City Court – Hillsborough County – Tuesday, 7.2.19 An investigation headed by the FDA into three Tampa-area Walmart’s, confirmed today that all three were selling bread from the Dominican Republic, and trying to pass it off as authentic Cuban bread.  “It’s just tragic,” said Wendy Plumb, single mother of five and regular shopper at the…

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