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3 Tampa cops who let you hold their gun

Cop 1

Brian Wilkerson Officer Wilkerson is very cool about letting people hold his gun. He usually patrols around the Downtown/Channelside area, he’s got a thick, brown, mustache. If you see him just say, “Hey Wilkerson! Can I hold the steel for a moment?”  Odds are he will be cool about it and let you hold his…

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Florida life hacks

Life Hacks

Living in Florida comes with a unique set of circumstances that can weigh on your day-to-day life. With this list of life hacks, you can navigate Florida life, just a little bit easier Keep a bucket of ice in your car If you keep a large metal bucket of ice in your car at all…

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Tampa Man Only Gets His News From Satire Magazines

Tampa New Force fan and avid reader, Will Green, refuses to consume mainstream media. For the last 5 years, his news has exclusively come from TNF, but also sometimes The Onion.  “I just don’t buy into the lizard people’s narrative anymore. Satire is for the people.” Green explains he can no longer relate to mainstream…

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