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Tampa Government: “Make Coyote Hazing Great Again”

EDITORS NOTE: Tampa News Force is proud to serve the community as a source of valuable information intended to inform the citizens of the Tampa Bay Area and improve the quality of life for all who make this region their home. For that reason, we are pleased to provide a forum to Darcy Greco, media…

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Handguns 4 Homeless program officially underway

Handguns for Homeless program

Controversial, “Handguns 4 Homeless” program has been activated in the Hillsborough area, official as of 3:35am this morning, putting police-grade pistols in the hands of the homeless population.  “We figured if we give the homeless people guns, not only will they settle their issues with each other, but it will quickly develop a homeless hierarchy…

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Tampa Heights to Ungentrify

Tampa Heights – Hillsborough County – Saturday 3.23.2019 After an unnecessarily heated meeting, neighborhood and city leaders agreed to ungentrify the neighborhood of Tampa Heights. “We felt bad for the people who already lived there,” says Tampa Government Gentrification Specialist, Willard Sardone. “All the açaí bowl places and craft beer bars will soon become homes…

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