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Happy Plane Train Premiere Anniversary Day!

Plane Train

On this date, November 11, in 2018, the world witnessed the premiere of Tampa News Force’s first film, “Plane Train”. Ah, 2018. The world was a very different place. Donald Trump was still the President of the United States of America. We witnessed a Supreme Court nominee cry about beer. Kanye West was still just…

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Tampa International Airport art installation wins Best of the Bay award

Hill Sculpture

Tampa International Airport is acclaimed throughout the world for simply being an excellent airport, but now they’ve added an accolade for their contribution to the world of public art; a 2022 Creative Loafing Best of the Bay award! Originally chosen as a Creative Loafing staff choice award under the whimsical category, “BEST BIG BIRD”, the…

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Amid Shutdown, Hungry TSA Agents Confiscating Snacks, Drinks

Tampa International Airport – Tampa – Friday, 1.18.2019 With no end in sight to the record-breaking government shutdown, federal employees are expected to work without paychecks. This group of 800,000 workers includes TSA agents monitoring passengers at airports around the country. As the political standoff continues, TSA agents are reportedly supplementing food costs by targeting…

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