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Man goes full week without texting his ex


A Tampa man is being recognized for his efforts after going an entire week without texting his ex girlfriend. “It’s super hard, and every day is brutal, but I’m doing it!” He said to me in confidence. “You’re not going to write about this are you?” He asked. “Of course I am, this is a…

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Racist Tampa Man Accidently Celebrates Juneteenth


When Ronald Fordskin heard about the newest federal holiday, he was ecstatic and immediately began planning a BBQ celebration. “This is America, these colors don’t run,” said Fordskin while pointing to his flag.  “It’s Saturday, weather is perfect, beautiful day to celebrate Juneteenth.” Fordskin then went to flip a burger when I started explaining the…

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Tampa Bay’s “Man of the Year” is just not a piece of crap

Tampa Bay man of the Year

Reggie Svelverson of Pinellas Park has been named “Man of the Year” by the Tampa Bay Awards Department company, based entirely on the fact that he isn’t a huge, steaming piece of crap. Doug Plook, one of the voting members of the committee says, “Every year for the last few, it’s been getting harder and…

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