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Tampa starts looking like London


The city of Tampa has started to look a lot like London, whether you’re ready for it or not. Theater shows popping up everywhere. Tube strikes. Train delays. Buckingham palace. It’s literally London. The buildings are old and made of stone with sconces and moldings which make you question whether or not they were made…

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Hunting licenses issued to thin invasive realtor herd

Realtor hunting

For the first time in history, the State of Florida has begun issuing hunting licenses for people to hunt down and kill realtors. “About damn time,” said Harold Kinter of Tampa. “I’ve been shooting at these varmints for years. Now I can do it without worrying about getting in trouble.” The increase over the last…

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5 reasons not to move to Tampa

Don't move here

5. You’re annoying We don’t want you here. You chose to live somewhere else before Tampa, and you probably never even really seriously considered Tampa before, but after our recent success and the collapse of the rest of the United States you’ve come to the conclusion that Florida is the last truly free state on…

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