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Producers of new Amazon series ‘Tampa Baes’ discouraging men from watching “like that… you know, LIKE THAT”

Tampa Baes

‘Tampa Baes’, an eight-episode docu-series that chronicles the lives of 12 Tampa Bay Area lesbians will premiere on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, but producers don’t want men to tune in for the sole purpose of masturbating. “These are real people, going through real issues. It’s not some fetishized version of lesbians to fuel male…

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New reality show “Shitheads” to be filmed in Tampa

A new reality television show from the CMT titled, “Shitheads” will begin filming in Tampa next month, and will feature a cast a local and international talent. The show, conceptualized by Anthony Jordan, former producer of “Tween Pageant Queens” and “Racecar Stunt Challenge”, will follow a cast of willfully ignorant people who are allowed to…

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