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The Top 5 Most Famous Restaurants in Tampa Bay

Top 5 Restaurants

5. Chic-fil-a It’s hard to get a meal here sometimes because it’s so busy. They also don’t like gay people very much! 4. Taco Bell Seemingly the only place to get food past 2am anymore, Taco Bell comes in at number four on our list. What kind of meat is in that burrito? Who knows!?…

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Richard Gonzmart announces plans to bring back everything

Hyde Park – Hillsborough County – Tuesday 3.26.2019 Following the successful revival of the Goody Goody restaurant, Columbia restaurant owner Richard Gonzmart has announced plans to bring back everything. Having already secured rights to the Colonnade, the venerable Bayshore Boulevard seafood spot which closed a few years ago, and rescuing and restoring the beloved Storyland…

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