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Can you afford Tampa?

Tampa housing

If you live in Tampa or are planning to move to the Tampa Bay area, you should ask yourself if you can afford Tampa. Here are some things to consider: Do you have enough money to buy a Cuban sandwich twice a week? How often do you frequent strip clubs and how much money do…

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Disabled impediments salesman in Tampa having another great year

Disabled impediments salesman hopes for another great year

Roger Gnudtke, a salesman for Hindercapable Inc. is having yet another record breaking sales year. “When the company first assigned me the downtown Tampa territory, I didn’t have very high hopes. Mostly because nobody lived there and all the businesses closed at 5 PM,”, says Gnudtke. “But shortly after that, a couple condo towers were…

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Tampa installs red light ramps to help ease traffic congestion

Carrolwood – Tampa – Tuesday, 1.29.2019 Tampa drivers rejoiced today as new red light launch ramps officially became operational on certain busy intersections to help ease traffic congestions. Drivers speeding and zipping in and out lanes towards a red light in rush hour traffic will now have a chance to launch their vehicles over stopped…

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