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Best things to see if you’re flying over Tampa at night

At Night

Sports lights Hey look, is that a Bucs game? No, the Bucs don’t play on Friday nights. That’s a baseball field! I wonder if that’s where the Rays play. Maybe they’re playing the Yankees. I wonder who’s winning! Oh wait, the Rays play indoors. And over in St. Pete. That’s probably just some high school…

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Best Views and Sounds of Tampa Bay

The Best Sights and Sounds

Tampa is home to some of the world’s best views and noises So today we are counting down the top sights and sounds in Tampa Bay 5. Downtown/Ybor City Trolley Hearing the dinging of a trolley bell will let you know you’re on your way to fun town 4. Ybor City Chickens The wild chickens…

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