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Tampa man keeps dropping phone on his face

Phone face

Derek Kingsford of Tampa has developed the annoying nightly habit of lying in bed and dropping his phone on his face. “Yeah, it happens when I’m looking at stuff late at night”, he said. “I get drowsy and it falls out of my hand and lands on my face all the time. It’s really annoying”…

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Necrophiliac opens sleep study center

Necrophiliac Opens a Sleep Center in Tampa

A necrophiliac opened a sleep study center in the plaza that has the Golden Corral in it off Highway 19. “Hey, I have sex with dead bodies, not sleeping people, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.” Said convicted necrophiliac Ned Krowfeeleak. “I’ve been rehabilitated, that’s all behind me,” Krowfeeleak said. “It’s honestly…

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