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Quiz: Which stripper is right for you?

Strip Club

The Tampa Bay Area is home to a lot of so-called “gentleman’s clubs” and that means it’s home to A LOT of strippers. That’s not news. People enjoy strip clubs, because getting away from the hassles of ‘real life’ and spending time with a sexy stranger is naughty fun. In an ongoing effort to help…

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Gentleman’s club unveils outdoor VIP area

Lookers, one of Tampa Bay’s most deservedly ignored ‘gentleman’s clubs’, has announced the addition of a new, outdoor VIP section. “We’re calling it the Grind Garden, so you know it’s classy,” says Rollo, the manager. The club is located at 8205 N. Dale Mabry, just South of Waters Avenue in the stretch between the abandoned…

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Fireworks & Strip Clubs Museum opens in Largo

Stripper and Fireworks museum opens

A museum celebrating the history of strip clubs and fireworks opened in Largo yesterday to an enthusiastic crowd of locals. The state-of-the-art facility takes guests on an immersive tour through multiple corridors, beginning with a simulated cornfield in which the first fireworks were invented in 1832 China. Later in the tour, guests are introduced to…

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Strip Club burns down after queef catches fire

Stripper accidentally burns down strip club after her queef caught on fire

Pretty Ponies Gentlemen’s club has burned to the ground after a tragic incident involving a dancers vaginal flatulence catching flame during a stage performance. “Jenna” was on stage around 2:15 when she bent down and spread her legs wide open in front of Pretty Ponies’ regular James Pattington, who happened to have a Dutch Masters…

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