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Tampa dog approves of Christmas

Christmas Dog

Piccolo, a Corgi who lives near Oldsmar, has decided that Christmas is pretty good. “I can’t speak for all dogs, but I think it’s nice”, he said. “I know some dogs hate wearing the goofy outfits and that there is a lot of noise and commotion, which can cause anxiety. I get that and I…

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Bing Crosby estate admits ‘Happy Holday’ was the original battle cry; Crosby the first soldier for the War on Christmas


Acknowledging that this year had been an unmitigated disaster for almost everyone and that they might as well put the final nail in the 2020 coffin, Bing Crosby’s wife and children announced today that the Crooner’s famous Christmas song, ‘Happy Holiday,’ was actually the very beginning of the ongoing battle known as the War on…

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Shoppers brawl over holiday decorations at Tampa CVS

A huge fight between a number of shoppers erupted yesterday at the CVS drug store at 6701 N. Dale Mabry, over which holiday decorations are appropriate to put on sale at this time of year and a complete inability to mind their own business. It began when two women entered the store and immediately encountered…

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Area felines declare war on Christmas

Cat's declare war on christmas

“Ok, I give up! The Christmas tree stays down!” I shouted at my cats, who couldn’t be bothered to give a flying fuck. This is the 17th time they’ve knocked down the Christmas tree since I put it up Black Friday. I didn’t even put the ornaments on the fake spruce before this band of…

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