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Partially treated Wastewater ranked more delicious than Aquafina


A recent blind taste test conducted in Tampa concluded that the partially treated wastewater that gets dumped in Hillsborough river is more delicious than bottled water brand Aquafina. “What did you say this was?” Asked Michael Beech, one of the taste test participants.  “Partially treated wastewater,” said Shellard Pimblo, one of the organizers of the…

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Tampa Tap Water Declared Too Flammable

Pinedreams Trailer Community – Hillsborough County – Monday 4.15.2019 Tampa government officials were called in to a Tampa trailer park community to inspect some water lines that tenants were complaining spouted flammable water. “We’re okay with some flames, coming out of the faucet,” says trailer owner Dallas Rothschild. “Like if I want to boil some…

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