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Tampa Pride taking new, unorthodox direction in leadership

New Leader

At last night’s monthly board meeting of Tampa Pride, the organization appointed a new and highly unconventional leader, Tony Capozio, a heterosexual cis male from New Jersey with experience in managing labor disputes. The organization was thrown into turmoil last week when a high-ranking board member made disparaging remarks toward drag performers, remarks which have…

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Ybor’s Best Halloween Costumes of 2022

Ybor's Best

Another Halloween has come and gone and as usual, Ybor City was the place to see and be seen as far as costumes go. Here are the Top Five Halloween Costumes on display in Ybor City in 2022! Number 5: People Who Will Probably Let You In The Back Door On The First Date Number…

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Gisele spotted twerking at Club Prana

Gisele at Prana

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady’s estranged wife supermodel Gisele Bündchen was reportedly seen twerking at popular Ybor City nightspot Club Prana last Saturday night. “Yeah, I was there and I saw the whole thing,” said frequent club goer Wayne Klumner of Tampa. “I was like, ‘whoa, who is this little hottie?’ and it was Gisele.…

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Former Cerealholic employee disappointed with Bar Rescue


Caleb Kyleston, a former employee of Cerealholic (now The Loft) in Ybor City is not happy with the results from the TV show Bar Rescue’s effort to revitalize the establishment. “When I found out the show was coming to Ybor to turn the place around, I thought, ‘Okay, this could be really something great’ and…

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Goth girl adapts ‘Karen’ hairstyle ironically

Goth Girl

Annthrax Nightshade, a frequent visitor to The Castle in Ybor City has adapted the much-derided ‘Karen’ hairstyle as a form of sardonic social commentary. “I’m used to people prejudging me based on my appearance,” she said. “Here’s another reason to gawk at me, motherfuckers.” The hairstyle features an inverted bob or lob cut, also known…

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Trump stashes classified documents in Ybor tunnels

Trump Docs

Former President Donald Trump has responded to reports that there has been communication between the National Archives and Records Records Administration (NARA) and the House Oversight Committee acknowledging that classified records were found in boxes at Mar-a-Lago after Trump left office. “Yeah? So what?” he said in a press conference yesterday. “It wasn’t, like, super-classified…

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Ybor City to Become 55+ Only Community

Ybor 55

After the passage of a recent noise ordinance, Ybor City Historic Neighborhood Society announced it will begin requiring age verification to enter any business establishment in the district. “We are catering to the folks with money,” said YCHNS President Howard Milonaise. “I moved to this neighborhood five years ago and I love the culture, but…

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Failing nightclub in Ybor claims to be haunted

Haunted nightclub

In a desperate attempt to draw attention, a struggling Ybor City nightclub has announced that it’s haunted. Up Down Etc, which opened last May has so far been utterly unable to catch on with clubgoers in the popular and highly competitive party district. “Okay, so maybe buying a nightclub in Ybor City during the pandemic…

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