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Tampa Bay Area stores removing COVID supplies to make room for holiday decorations

Holiday decorations

Retailers in the Tampa Bay Area are rotating their seasonal inventory, taking away COVID staples like face masks and hand sanitizer to make room for Halloween costumes and candy as well as Christmas cards and colored lights.

“This is pretty standard in the ol’ seasonal retail biz”, said Fred Goshwartz, a manager at the CVS loacated at the intersection of MacDill and Gandy in Tampa. “When something is over, we move on. Halloween gives way to Christmas, gives way to Valentines Day, gives way to Easter, etc. etc. Everything gave way to COVID but since that’s over now, it’s time to get rid of all that useless shit and bring in new shit that will be useless later.”

He said it’s a simple matter of demand-driven economics. “There’s no more money in people being afraid of dying from COVID. Time to get ready for scary ghouls and holy spirits!”

Still, some shoppers are annoyed. “I don’t think COVID is completely over. The situation is certainly improving, but it’s still a concern”, said Marjorie Fudgebutton of South Tampa. “Plus, every year, this happens earlier and earlier, with jamming the holiday crap in our faces and that’s obnoxious in itself.”

Goshwartz said consumers shouldn’t worry. “The COVID supplies aren’t gone forever. Since the virus is just part of life now, it’ll roll around again. Just like Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter. Get used to it!”

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