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Tampa Bay Named Best Sports City in the World

Number 1

Tampa Bay has become a sports mecca, with teams that are really good at winning games when no fans are in attendance.

So today, we are counting down why Tampa Bay Is The Greatest Sports City in the World

5.  The Pitchers

These sports players are throwing baseballs really fast and sometimes, they aren’t allowed to finish what they started

4. The Catchers

Usually on the receiving end of a lot of the excitement, catchers are an important part of every sport.

3. The Cuban Sandwich

While many variations of this recipe exist, the only correct recipe involves Cuban Bread, Mustard, pickles, swiss cheese, ham, salami and pork.  And That’s it.

2. Roller Derby

Due to the physically demanding nature of this sport, these ladies reign supreme in Tampa Bay

1. The Fans

Tampa is a proud city, blessed by the heavens with the spirit water of champions. Even if we lose, we will always remain winners.