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Tampa Begins Construction on Super Technological Florida University, aka STFU

Construction Begins on STFU

Downtown Tampa – Hillsborough County – Tuesday, 5.21.201

Mayor Jane Castor and many others attended a groundbreaking ceremony today for one of the most anticipated additions to the Old Water Street development project, the Super Technological Florida University (STFU).

As part of an initiative to produce the most technologically advanced class of students, STFU will concentrate its studies to teach skills for jobs that don’t exist yet.

“I’m not sure what kids will be learning beyond these doors,” said Mayor Castor while pointing to an area where a door will eventually be, “Our only hope is that kids will come in here to STFU, and they will learn to love it.”

STFU is set to complete construction and start accepting students in time for the summer semester after Wrestlemania. Applications are currently being accepted for STFU teaching positions.

The teaching staff at STFU will be heavily armed and not required to have a diploma or experience of any kind.

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