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Tampa dog approves of Christmas

Christmas Dog

Piccolo, a Corgi who lives near Oldsmar, has decided that Christmas is pretty good.

“I can’t speak for all dogs, but I think it’s nice”, he said. “I know some dogs hate wearing the goofy outfits and that there is a lot of noise and commotion, which can cause anxiety. I get that and I empathize with those dogs, but personally, I’m okay with it.”

Among the positive aspects, Piccolo cites being introduced to new people.

“If I’m being honest, meeting people is probably my favorite thing in the whole world and there’s a lot of that during this time of year”, he said. He’s also known to claim that playing outside, eating, taking naps and certain toys are his favorite things in the whole world. “Ha ha ha! Guilty! I have a lot of favorite things in the world, I guess!”

“Overall, Christmas is very nice. I heard that there’s a war on it? Is that true? Because that doesn’t make any sense to me”, he said.

“I would say I give it five-out-of-five Arfs. Or at least two thumbs up, if I had thumbs.”

Clark Brooks

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