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Tampa man attends magic show on purpose


Michael Manda of Tampa recently went to a magic show in St. Petersburg with the full intention of doing exactly that.

“Of course I did,” he said. “I love magic so, so much!”

He was driving through St. Pete, taking a sightseeing tour with his wife and mother-in-law when he came across Zubrick Magic Theatre on 1st Avenue North.

“Ooh, a magic theatre!” he squealed with delight, suddenly swerving across traffic to pull up in front of the building. “Not just some dirty old movie theatre that has magic shows sometimes. A whole theatre full of magic!”

“This is the greatest day of my whole life!” he added.

“He really does take so much delight in magic,” said his wife Dorothy. “It would be adorable if it wasn’t so lame. And creepy.”

Intentionally and not at all by accident, he purchased VIP premium front row tickets for himself, Dorothy and her mom, for which he was gifted a balloon dog from one of the performers during the show. Afterward, the experience had him nearly in tears.

“I just think it’s so special that these wonderful beings with amazing abilities exist among us mere mortal humans, sharing their incredible gifts with us,” he said. “I don’t know where they get these powers from. I wish I was magic. I’m in awe of them.”

“Oh yeah, he thinks magic is real,” said Dorothy. “I forgot to mention that.”

“Uhh, if it isn’t real, how do you explain this?” he asked, pushing the balloon dog in Dorothy’s face.

Clark Brooks

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