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Tampa Man Furiously Brushing Up on Civics Studies

Current events have caused Grant Graham of Tampa to review lessons he learned in high school civics classes. 

“I won’t say I forgot a lot of this stuff,” he said. “Because I don’t think I ever learned it in the first place.”

The area he is focusing on most intently is the United States presidential line of succession.

“Considering one of these guys is going to win the election in November, I think it’s important to know who is really going to end up in the White House in the not-unlikely event that whoever it is dies or is otherwise incapable of fulfilling the obligations,” he said. “I mean, both of them are older than dirt now and clearly not all there anymore. It’s not like they’re going to get any younger or more coherent than they are now.”

As a result of these concerns, Graham created a fake ID so he could check out textbooks from his old high school library.

“Do you know what a president pro tempore of the United States Senate is? I sure as hell don’t,” he said. “But it’s Patty Murray, a senator from Washington. She’s second in line after the vice president and it seems like it’s a good idea to know that now.”

Clark Brooks

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