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Tampa man keeps dropping phone on his face

Phone face

Derek Kingsford of Tampa has developed the annoying nightly habit of lying in bed and dropping his phone on his face.

“Yeah, it happens when I’m looking at stuff late at night”, he said. “I get drowsy and it falls out of my hand and lands on my face all the time. It’s really annoying”

His girlfriend Lori Dimpster is even more annoyed than he is.

“I’m trying to sleep and four or five times a night he drops it and yells ‘FUCK!’. Then I have to wake up and tell him to either put the phone down and go to sleep or just get up because we both have to work in the morning and neither one of us is getting any rest”, she said. “It happened eight times one night. It’s ridiculous.”

Kingsford said, “Hey, playing around on my phone is how I unwind at bed time. I catch up on social media, play games or watch videos. It obviously works because it makes me sleepy. This is just an unfortunate side effect.”

It happens so frequently that he has started to show visible cuts and bruises on his face.

“I don’t mind that, to be honest”, he said. “I’m a tough guy and it sends a message. This makes me look like a badass, somebody that shouldn’t be messed with.”

“That would be fine if everybody didn’t already know that anytime Derek has ever gotten into a fight, he screams ‘Not the face’. He’s not fooling anyone”, said Dimpster. “Real badasses don’t get a black eye falling asleep playing Candy Crush.”

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