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Tampa Man Says He Can Prove Women are Weak

Tampa’s Tony Smehrek says that a late night Google search proves his long-held theory that women are inherently weaker than men.

”I was on Google at 3:30AM this morning looking for pictures of ‘women drinking coffee’ and most of the results showed women using both hands to drink it,” he said. “Plenty of those, although very few of them wearing lingerie, unfortunately.”

When asked why he was up late Googling photos of women drinking coffee, he replied, “don’t worry about that.”

”Check this out; I have no difficulty drinking a full cup of coffee with just my left hand,” he said “And I’m right-handed.”

”If chicks have to use all their strength to lift and hold a cup of coffee in a cafe, how are they going to defend themselves against bears in the woods?” he added.

“Look, it’s fine. I’m just saying that women are weaker than men and just need to finally acknowledge that fact,” he said. “No real man uses both hands to drink a beverage.”

Clark Brooks

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