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Tampa News Force Gala Event Tonight!


Tonight, we at Tampa News Force will celebrate the recent publishing of our 2,000th article with a FREE party at Café Hey in downtown Tampa on Sunday, October 30th from 4pm until 8pm, sponsored by Mean But Clean Soap. There will be refreshments (FREE BEER!), entertainment, awards given out and a John Jacobs Estate Sale featuring genuine John Jacobs lifestyle merchandise used by/created by/worn by original Tampa News Force founder John Jacobs. Plus special guests and some other surprises*!

The party is open to all current and past contributors, readers, fans, various hangers-on and people who have never heard of us. The only people not invited are people we don’t like; you either know who you are already or will find out when you get there**.

Also, wearing costumes is encouraged because it’s the day before Halloween and people love wearing costumes.

Here’s a link to the event.

Sunday, October 30, 4pm-8pm
Café Hey
1540 N. Franklin St. Tampa

Come on out, wear a costume and celebrate us with us!

* Actual high-powered government elected official dignitaries have been invited.

** For the last time, NO hornets allowed!


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