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Tampa News Force to launch new LGBTQ site


Tampa News Force (TNF), Tampa Bay’s best award-winning 100% legitimate news source media outlet, has announced a plan to produce an LGBTQ-specific version of its award-winning 100% legitimate news source web site.

“We recognize that we could do a better job of inclusion when it comes to some marginalized factions of our community”, said TNF vice president of gender neutrality Terry Kelly. “With that in mind, we are proud to announce our newest venture, TNFLGBTQ!”

Kelly said, “We recently ran a story about a couple breaking up on Valentine’s Day and it occurred to us that that particular story could have easily been written about a same-sex couple. Then it occurred to us that many of our stories could be written with an LGBTQ focus. From there, we realized that could be the case with all of our stories. And since we’ve already posted over 1,200 articles, we might as well just go back and re-write every one of them and present them to the LGBTQ community on a new site. So that’s what we’re doing.”

It’s a work-in-progress. We’re not entirely sure we know what we’re doing.

Every article will be re-written with new, updated graphics. In the interest of balance, the handful of previously published articles dealing with LGBTQ issues will have their focus retroactively adjusted to reflect heterosexual issues.

Wowie, this is tricky!

The project is expected to take several years and cost millions of dollars before it’s completed and ready to release to the public. “In the meantime, we’d like to receive credit for making an effort to do the right thing”, Kelly said.

In other TNF new ventures news, it was announced that the previously planned “Tampa News Force En Español”, “Tampa News Soul Sonic Force” and “You Go Tampa News Force Girls!” projects have all been placed on indefinite hiatus

Clark Brooks

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