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Tampa woman will name baby after father


Sandy Callahan of Tampa recently found out that she’s pregnant and the only plan she’s made so far is to name the child after its father.

“They traced it back and apparently I got pregnant on January 28th, which was Gasparilla, which I think makes sense,” she said. “It’s not like I remember all the details but I can’t say it didn’t happen so it probably did.”

“I had my first Rum Runner at 7:45 that morning,” she said. “Pretty much everything after that is a blur.”

“Unlike this morning, when I waited until noon.”

As a result, her baby’s name will be Gasparilla McIntosh.

“Beats my second option which was Five Or Six Random Dudes By The Dumpster Behind McDinton’s Callahan,” she said. “I mean, what if it’s a girl?”

Clark Brooks

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