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Tampa Woman Worried About Unfavorable Element Drawn to New Business

Carol Sweepz of West Tampa is concerned that a new business that will be opening soon is going to bring undesirable people into her neighborhood.

“I don’t feel good having to say it aloud but you know the people I’m talking about,” she said. “People who like Starbucks.”

”Anybody who pays $18 for a cup of coffee is up to no good,” she added. “It may not be politically correct to point that out but everybody knows.”

She went on to say, “And it’s not even the Starbucks, it’s what comes with it. Then come the manbuns and ukuleles and fedoras. Before you know it you’ve got ska bands all over the place.”

”Someone has to do something,” she pleaded. “I’m trying to raise my children here!”

Clark Brooks

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