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Tampa Woman’s Opinions Changed by Debate

Tampa resident Barbara Snapscratch is questioning her opinions about important issues that will be affected by the result of the 2024 Presidential Election after watching the debate last night between President Joe Biden and former President and challenger Donald Trump.

“I thought I was all set,” she said. “In fact, if you had asked me on Wednesday, I would have said I could cast my ballot right then and there. I gotta think about that now, though.”

She said she tuned in just for the spectacle of it all, convinced that she already knew where she stood on such issues as immigration, healthcare, the economy and abortion rights among others and which candidate best represented her interests.

“I was watching and pretty pleased with how my guy was doing, but then the other guy said some things and expressed some views I hadn’t previously considered,” she said. “It was pretty eye-opening and I’m really glad that I took the time to watch because even though I’m suddenly not sure who I’m voting for, I feel like I’m actually a better-informed voter and can be a more effective participant in the democratic process for the mutual benefit of all American citizens now.”

Asked to expound specifically on what she learned and how it’s changed her mind, she said, “Just kidding; I didn’t watch that shit.”

“I’m not even going to vote,” she added.

Clark Brooks

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