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Tampa’s secret all-natural laundromat

All Natural Laundromat opens in Indian Rocks Beach

Indian Rocks beach is the home to Tampa’s first all-natural laundromat, featuring actual Native American rocks in which waves crash on and clean your laundry.

Utilizing a new technology which magnifies salt waters’ cleansing ability, clothes are naturally laundered in a green, eco-friendly way.

“It’s amazing.” Said Ross Benoit, of North Pasco county.

“I drive all the way from Pasco just to use this laundromat! And it’s not because I particularly care about the green nature of the process, but more because there’s a crackhouse down the beach, and the residue from their batches is dumped into ocean, and the water that launders our close has trace amounts of drugs in them, so my clothes come back full of a foreign blend of mystery drugs, and I light them on fire in a trash can in my living room, and me and all my friends get high and really enjoy that buzz. It’s a different kind of buzz we haven’t experienced before.” Benoit continued.

The laundromat is free to all customers, as it’s run by locals who wake up early to organize lines to keep order.

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